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Snowboards / D1 Series / 5'2

D1 5'2 series
The full Dupraz experience, in a smaller size.

L?avion de chasse, méga fun à piloter, soyez maîtres de vos courbes. On tourne les yeux, et elle nous y emmène?  La 5?2 c?est la D1 qui permet aux freestylers de découvrir tous les avantages du Duprazshape. Ultra compacte sous les pieds, elle permet une totale liberté d?action. Elle vous pousse à jouer avec chaque détail du terrain, vous permet de tourner autour de chaque arbre… avec des capacités surprenantes, elle délivre une accroche et une stabilité incroyables pour une board de ce gabarit !

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5'2 N
Image of a D1 Dupraz Snow board
FLEX 0-10

Snowboard Dupraz D1 5'2N

A fluid, natural and intuitive ride, a natural ease of release in powder and secure support on hard snow. The N version stands for "Narrow" and is naturally aimed at girls and light riders with smaller sizes. It is more manoeuvrable without losing efficiency. Compared to its size, the 5?2? provides unparalleled safety, confidence, comfort and stability.

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1-5 of 6 reviews
  1. Dupraz Snowboard

    Everything went well. The order, the payment and the delivery.

  2. Dupraz Snowboard

    Those who have tested it have adopted it. As much on the track as in the powder, it will surprise you by its ability to round curves and float like on a wave? (Rider specs: 167cm - 52 kg - Advanced)

  3. Dupraz Snowboard

    The real surprise is that it is very easy to handle, turns and pivots very easily! And on the piste, in carving, it is just impressive! (Rider specs: 165cm - 50 kg - Advanced)

  4. Dupraz Snowboard

    As soon as I started to ride ... this board was like an extension of myself... Intuitive, Reactive, Playful, Clingy, You can get into it, go for the slope, the speed, the curve +++, go down the mountain at mac12 while having fun with each edge of the slope, each relief that is offered to you (flat 180/360° switch and company). It is easy, gentle and at the same time committed. Safe. It meets all your needs if you know how to ride a little! Can take you very far ? (Rider specs: 168cm - 58 kg - Advanced)

  5. Dupraz Snowboard

    Forget everything you know about snowboarding to get to grips with this board. Those who have tested it have adopted it. Whether on the slopes or in the powder, it will surprise you with its ability to round out the curves and float like a wave. (Rider specs: 167cm - 52 kg - Advanced)

Let's talk technique...


Better lift, without the sensation of length, this is the advantage of the Dupraz shape.
This 158 rides like a 150I promise! 

As you can see the length in contact with the snow is identical for these 2 boards. Clear advantage for the Dupraz, which gains in bearing surface, so useful in many conditions...

Profile and camber

Thanks to the famous Aquasmooth Rocker (from which the entire snowboard and ski industry was inspired), the spatula guarantees the absorption of the irregularities of the terrain and an almost instantaneous de-icing in powder snow.


Nothing beats a good and solid wood core combined with tri-axial fibreglass, rubber reinforcements above the edges, which ensure the glueing between the steel of the edges and the fibreglass. But they also serve as shock absorbers. The whole thing is assembled with a sole and thick edges to allow you to maintain your board for a long time!

Technical Specifications
Shape: directional, patented
Profile: Aquasmooth Rocker
Core: 100% wood, assembly of several species
Fiberglass: tri-axial
Base: high density trench
Manufacturing: European Union
Board Specs
Actual size: 158 cm
Height felt: 146 cm

Minimum stance: 46 cm
Maximum stance: 62 cm
Square length: 108 cm

5’2 N :
Width of spatula: 29.3 cm
Skate width: 24.2 cm
Heel width: 28.2 cm

5’2 :
Width spatula: 30.7 cm
Waist width: 25.6 cm
Heel width: 29.5 cm

Infinity 4D shape
A unique shape that allows the vast majority of riders to have a board that performs in all snow conditions and types of slopes.

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74250 Fillinges

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